APR (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) – Airborne unrestricted remote piloting.

ROV (Remotely operated vehicle) is a submarine vehicle driven by a remote location.

USV (unmanned surface vehicle) is a vehicle that operates on the surface of the water driven by one
remote location.

UGV (unmanned land vehicle) is a vehicle that operates in contact with the ground driven by one
remote location

VL (Very Light) class that includes APRs with MOD ranging between 300 grams and 4 Kg.

L (Light) class which includes APRs with MOD exceeding 4 KG and up to 25

Class H (Heavy) which includes APRs with MOD exceeding 25 KG.

Congested areas Areas or agglomerations used as residential, industrial, commercial, sports, and in general areas where there might be gatherings, even temporary ones.

ATZ (Aerodrome Traffic Zone) Airspace set up around an airport for the protection of the traffic taking off, landing and flying in the airport traffic circuit.

BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight): actions taken at a distance
remote pilot of confidence in direct and constant relationship with the aerial vehicle, which does not allow to manage the flight, maintain the separations and avoid collisions.

Contingency The measures to be implemented in case of malfunctions not managed by the operator, such as
the involvement of controlled airspace.

EVLOS (Extended Visual Line of Sight) Operations conducted in areas whose size exceeds limitations of the VLOS conditions and for which the VLOS requirements are met by the use of methods

Unauthorized airspace Operating volume for which an air traffic control service is not provided. It is generally associated with a Flight Information Service that informs traffic or meteorological information at the request of the pilot.

Segregated airspace Controlled or uncontrolled airspace, expressly identified in terms of size, volumes and time windows of use for specific purposes and expressly authorized by ENAC by issuing a NOTAM.

SPR (remote pilot station) components necessary for control and command.

SAPR (Remote Pilot Aircraft System) System for an aerial vehicle (remote piloting), for the control station (SPR) by a remote pilot.

VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) is a word game. a direct control of the vehicle to manage the flight, keep the separations and avoid collisions.

Specialized operations The operations for which the aircraft was for specialized activities such as agriculture, aerial photography, surveying, patrolling and reconnaissance, air advertising, are called specialized operations.


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