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Know drone terms

Discover terms about drones.

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APR: How can you do to start working?

The text has been adapted to the MAPR Regulation Ed. 2 Issue 3, in force since 2 March 2017 (last update June 28th 2016)
The road to accreditation at Enac is long and full of obstacles, but not impossible to undertake.
In this short guide we will list step by step the steps to be taken to become an Enac Operator for Non-Critical operations.
In order to obtain the Certification at Enac for Non-Critical Operations it is necessary to obtain a Pilot attestation of Remote Piloted Aircraft, at least if you do not have an APR “Harmless” (in this case go to point 3).

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Non-critical operations

Discover what is a NON-CRITICAL Operation and the flight zones.

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Classes and categories

The classes distinguish between a means based on its operating mass at takeoff (MOD) or weight assembly of the APR and any accessory connected to it (camera, gimbal, terminator, parachute, etc.

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