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    “Teen women are seen by me. Morons on a regular basis. I’ve also witnessed many women owners texting their phoneAlthough ten years but have not had a-car in my own name. Also have never had my own vehicle insurane. Our driving record is spot-clean no seats violations nothing and im over 30. Could i still must pay-as much as a 21 yr old brand new driver for car insurance?? Am i viewed the same as them??

    What might my insurance be with a DUI with a 2001 Ford Mustang GT? Nothing else on my driving record.?

    Can someone help me look for health insurance?

    “I got a 01 kia optima im 23 yrs oldIn a number of days I’m going to be finding my certificate and on craigslist their can be a Grand Prix gt car but my mama doesn’t really want me to acquire it because she says the insurance will be large as it is considered a sports-car is that legitimate?

    I need inexpensive car insurance bear in mind I’m 19 & I want full-coverage on m auto any ideas?

    I have never had a need to get my license back.now I’m going to have my child and should get it back basically need to generate someplace and got a DUI a few years ago but I-do not have a vehicle. But I need insurance to have it back. Any help is going to be great. Thank you.


    Life insurance to cover the mortgage? Unemployment or infection address? Please support!

    “I work with a fantastic firm providing you with wellness & dental insurance from your new you start the job. My boyfriend of three years that I dwell withI reeive a Cal Pers retirement that is somewhat little nonetheless it isn’t enough to live on and so I continue to perform.

    Need affordable car insurance for 16 year. Previous are you able to support!?

    “3 peoplei am 17 yrs old and i wish to get my first motorcycle. it went up to about 9000 plus can someone please tell me an inexpensive 125cc sports motorcycle that is good that i can get inexpensive insurance on ive looked on some websites but the lowest i seen was about 2000 and in addition were I will buy cheap bikes from.

    “I simply got into an accident my whole front bumper is very eliminated. Im wondering is it feasible for your shop as well as the insurance to place a new bumper but


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