What are Non-Critical Specialized Operations?
For non-critical specialized operations we mean those operations that do not involve overflight, too
in case of malfunctions and malfunctions, of:

  • congested areas
  • gatherings of people
  • urban agglomerations
  • sensitive infrastructures

Not-critical operations are conducted in a space volume of 150 meters in height and 500 meters in radius and under the following conditions:

  • at a horizontal distance of adequate security (and never less than 150 m) from congested areas;
  • at a distance of at least 50 m from people and things that are not under the direct control of the operator;
  • in daylight conditions;
  • under BVLOS conditions;
  • outside the ATZ and the areas below the take-off and landing trajectories;
  • in the areas below the take-off and landing trajectories beyond the limits of the ATZ and up to 15 km, the height limit for the operations of the SAPR is set at 30m AGL;
  • notwithstanding the provisions of Regulation (EU) no. 923/2012 (SERA Regulation), the ATS responsible body does not provide air traffic services;
  • at a distance of more than 5 km from the airport (Aerodrome Reference Point or published geographical coordinates), where an ATZ is not established to protect flight operations;
  • outside the regulated active zones and forbidden zones, reported in AIP;
  • in AGL CTRs in volume V70 (70 m in height, 200 m in radius).


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